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open mic last night

So last night - or, technically, much earlier this morning - at Soul Food Books went pretty well. The 6pm performance start time was a surprise, because I thought they were backing signups to 6pm, so I was all O HLO #36 and didn't get on stage until 12:45 or 1am or something. I don't know if anybody here was there for the show, but staying until fuckall in the morning? Awesome. Which gave me a handy excuse for doing two ... well ... kinda-sorta love songs, anyway. ^_^ I think there were around 20 people remaining by the time I got to do my little bit, which isn't bad for Redmond.

Anyway, yeah, two songs, probably the best performance of Thought You Knew I've done - people liked the new extended ending - and also a better performance of Let Me Help than last week, by far. I still dropped a phrase, though, trying not to use the lyrics sheet, but nobody seemed to mind. We were all pretty sleepy by that point, I think. ^_^
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