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unfocused anger, part I

At the recent arguments against California's recently-adopted ban on marriage, you get a protester holding up a sign congratulating Harvey Milk's murderer as a hero (scene shot here); the domestic-parntership expansion bill here in Washington State is prompting the fundamentalist right to air a huge series of complete-fabrication hate ads against it (if you live in a swing district or any district targeted by these, please call your legislators to support the expansion), and the Mormon political machine is gearing up for more anti-queer action across the country, like in Illinois.

In non-queer culture-war bullshit, the current Pope Benedict upheld the excommunication of a mother who authorised an abortion for the twins her nine year old daughter was carrying after she had been raped buy her stepfather, a pregnancy which was under any circumstances life-threatening. The rapist stepfather has not been excommunicated. If you need a bigger sign of absolute wretched contempt for women by the Catholic church hierarchy, I don't know what's wrong with you. (Oh, and if you forgot, Pope Benedict has also been busy revoking excommunications of pro-Hitler Holocaust deniers.)

The only good thing about all this is that it's driving people away from Christianity in starkly clear numbers. Reap the fucking whirlwind, you evil bastards. The evangelicals are showing slightly up numbers, but the Christian Science Monitor thinks US evangelism is on the verge of sudden collapse, noting:
Evangelicals have identified their movement with the culture war and with political conservatism. This will prove to be a very costly mistake. Evangelicals will increasingly be seen as a threat to cultural progress. Public leaders will consider us bad for America, bad for education, bad for children, and bad for society.
Yeah, and you'll be seen that way because that's what you've been. All you fucks have been doing is hating on me and people like me for decades now, and the entire religion has hollowed itself out to shrieking yahoos who don't give a rat's ass about anything other than worshipping torturers and bashing on queers and women. I mean honestly, when you have your reps talking about how he hopes the children(!) of "sexual promiscuity" die of AIDS to teach their parents a lesson, how much more wretchedly, perversely, direly, hatefully, sadistically evil do you think you need to be? I'm glad at least one of you recognises, at this late date, what you've become.

(The CS Monitor author is probably looking at the dramatic collapse in Catholic identification in New England following the continued church protection of child rapists and their protectors, like Bernard Law. "Oops, I think we're in trouble." I sure fucking hope so, you deserve to be.)

You look at this and then look in contrast to things like how in the officially Christian United Kingdom, PM Gordon Brown recently stated that "this [Proposition 8] attempt to undo good that has been done is unacceptable." And in Argentina - Argentina - you have banks running advertisements containing more overt queer respect than you see anywhere in the US. (Link courtesy cow.) And you really realise that it's the US, the Islamic fundamentalist countries, the ex-Hitler Youth pope, and a few fascists in Russia vs. everyone else in the world. It's revolting.

Don't forget to call to support SB 5688 and HB 1727, the domestic-partnership expansion bills, and, for that matter, the dead-on-arrival SB 5674 and HB 1745, which would authorise marriage outright - it only adds a few seconds to the call. The legislative hotline 1.800.562.6000.
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