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Good afternoon.

No backup and no files makes solarbird FUCKING INSANE. But here are a couple of notes for you.

First, the New York Times, senile old wretch that it is, has finally figured out financial looting; "the bottom line is the same: given an incentive to loot, Wall Street did so." They're still in the "we still have to bail them out" mode, of course; just as with the de facto suspension of the Constitution and torture regime of the Bush administration, they want to "move forward," but at least they're acknowledging the crime. That's good, because it ties in well with actual hearings coming on the actual underlying financial fraud that created this mess. These are small steps forward.

A lot of people are talking about January sales being down only 0.1%, instead of the expected 0.4%. However, most of that is gasoline price rise - exclude that, and sales came in pretty much on expectations, -0.4%. Initial jobless claims rose a bit; continuing claims were also up to 5.317 million.

And, of course, the rally continues on Wall Street - but you don't need me to tell you that.

That's all for now; good luck, and if you're around here, anyway, enjoy the freakishly gorgeous weather.
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