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omg 3

maellenkleth just told me she's going to sponsor the CD effort also, next weekend. Thanks! ^_^ There is some srs omg here! At this rate I'll be able to buy another microphone! So, um, anybody want to recommend a good but cheap vocal mic?

Also, I'm still not getting the recording sound I want on mandolin. The SM57s are closer than the Sony ECMw/e that I have (I can't remember the number) but there's a ... loudness? A resonance? that I hear live that I haven't been able to figure out yet how to mic. I'm trying to avoid trying to recreate it with plug-ins, tho' part of that is just not knowing how. (It's not a matter of reverb, it's not like that. It's kind of a thickness vs. a thinness of sound, you know? I need to figure out how better to explain that.)

Anyway, if this means anything to anybody, tell me. It's a problem I need to solve.
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