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what the hell am i thinking

So, gig tonight, a long set, and I'm premiering three new songs, including "Outbirds," which I got into a performable state about, oh, an hour ago. This is crazytalk. Not the three-new-songs thing; the part where I'm planning on playing them all.

I have 22 songs in my setlist tonight. 16 of mine (10 mandolin, 6 flute), three trads, one Great Big Sea, one Captain Tractor, and one of Alec's. And two extras on standby. You know. In case I need to pad the set a little or something.

I won't need to perform all of these. I've got somewhere between an hour and 90 minutes, which is why I'm putting enough of a list together to go Really Long. But that's okay. I'm just kind of going "wait, what?" at the idea that I have enough music now for a really pretty long concert.

Wish me luck.
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