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Dirty. Little. SECRETS

(I just posted this over at norwescon; have a copy here too.)

I'm the editor of the daily at-Norwescon newsletter - the thing what comes out every day in the morning with news, announcements, and overheards and other such slander. You may remember previous daily Norwescon 'zines such as Mr. Cranky's Disruptive Newsletter, RUN!!, Fax Cascadia, last year's STOMP, and so on. Sometimes we run with the convention's official theme, sometimes we run in opposition to it, sometimes we ignore it and robots take over the world.*

Norwescon 32's theme is "Things Time Forgot." Accordingly, the daily 'zine this year is going to be a nasty little tabloid called Dirty. Little. SECRETS - digging up the dirt best left forgotten. And like any good slander rag, we're gonna need some devious reporters who will lie, cheat, and steal their way to the story, and even better, some slimy, evil paparazzi to help us fill Page 3. (Yes, we have a Page 3. Wait'll you see Thursday's edition. Muah ha ha ha!)

So how 'bout it, fans? Any of you lot up to it? C'mon. You know you wanna.

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