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things i learned today

I think I finally have all the bits and pieces I need, and I'm starting to have a decent idea of how to use them. Here are some things I learned today!
  • Shock mounts are better than hard mounts at rejecting noise, like you'd expect.
  • The new mics pick up a lot more noise than the old mics even so. (Floor -55db or so, up significantly, but still pretty low I guess.)
  • I hate my vocals. Oh wait, I already knew that. But I have to put a lot more work into them I think than I have been.
  • That said, I didn't hate them entirely as much as I expected I would, and I have some pretty specific things to try to fix.
  • At least with recording mandolin, a stereo recording mixed to mono sounds better than just a single-mic originally-microphone recording of the same source material, even with everything else unchanged. I don't know why. At least I'm not having phase issues.
  • I am amused that I can say "ENGAGE PHANTOM POWER ON SHOCK MOUNTS ONE AND TWO!" and have that not only actually mean something but be pretty much the correct terminology! (hee hee hee hee "phantom power" hee hee "shock mount" hee hee hee)
  • These mics like a little distance from the mandolin - like close to a metre
  • I have different ideas about tempo when singing these things vs. playing these things that didn't show up live. I have click tracks but I need to come up with some isolation solution for my headphones so I can actually hear the click tracks when playing. (So I might still need a toy for that.)
  • Singing along to your own music is way easier when you aren't also playing!
  • A bunch of microphone placement notes best referenced by photographs I took earlier so won't iterate through here.
I think that's most of it. This is certainly a learning experience.
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