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Creationists win in Texas - and this matters outside of Texas because textbooks made for Texas will be sold in other states.

Anti-vaccination activist wants return of infectious diseases. She's one of those vaccines-cause-autism crazies. The problem is she's getting interviewed places like Time, Good Morning America, and Larry King Live. Not coincidentally, she also has a new book out.

The Bureau of Labour Statistics has a Birth-Death Model I've talked about many times in my economics posts. This month it added 114,000 jobs in March. It subtracted jobs in only one sector (Education and Health Services, -1000), the only sector in the actual data showing job growth; all other sectors lost jobs in substantial numbers (in the real data) but had them added back (in the birth/death model). It would be lovely if this stupid model could be viewed by something other than its crazy, crazy results, but we don't get to see it. Oh well. As always, Mish at Global Economic Trend Analysis talks about this in great detail.
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