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Okay so I've been visiting this Irish bouzouki down at Trading Musician for the last several months, picking it up, playing it a little, twonking about on little bits here and there every time I go nearby, and today I made a very serious mistake: I sat around and played it for about an hour.

Christ, that was stupid. I want it. I want it bad. I mean, we technically have the money - we got our tax refund a few weeks ago - but we're still paying off the debt racked up over the last few years of medical adventures and the like. But even worse, annathepiper thinks I should get it, so this is a disaster. A disaster of awesome. (She's totally being a Bad Idea Bear about this. Totally.)

So I'm throwing the problem at you! GIMMIE MONEY TO BUY A BOUZOUKI! If you want. Or don't! That's okay too. This isn't like sponsoring my CD - I'm not promisin' nothin'! Other than I'll have a bouzouki. Which is, y'know: super-cool. For me. (CD sponsors please don't jump in, seriously, I'd feel really guilty about that, so don't for real. All CD sponsor money goes to the CD.)

Note: I am not pleading poverty here. We are not poor, we are not in financial trouble; in fact, we're finally working ourselves out from that. I haven't earned it; I don't deserve nothin'. I just want this instrument. Badly. Now. Hi, I'm Veruca Salt! A Veruca Salt terrified of spending money.

So if you've been all "hey, why doesn't she have a tip jar on this site?" ... well, okay, that's really because it's Livejournal and not a real blog. But! Lookie! It's a tip jar! Well, okay, it's my paypal email address, which you can use to paypal me money. That's close enough, right? Blink and you'll miss it: - ha! Gimmie! Or don't. That's okay. ^_^
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