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Well, that wasn't bad at all rly

First market of the year! In Woodinville, at the new location, which I'm told is also the old location where they used to be. It's a much better location, too. And there's even some ledge space to hide under if the weather turns rainy like it did today, even if it steps me kinda far back from the tents.

Anyway, I played a bunch of stuff (including Outbirds and Where is your Heaven) but not all of my stuff, and I played around with Goin' Up on bouzouki and kind of did a different version with kind of an improv bridge that worked pretty well, and I played a nameless (so far) new thing that apparently already became a song when I wasn't looking, and I wonder whether it has words! And I don't know. It'd be nice if it did.

I have to finish a couple of those new flutesongs I have in progress. I feel dumb not having any new flute music yet.

Tonight, open mic at Wold Food Books! But naptime now.
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