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Michael Isikoff of Newsweek reports that Mr. Obama declared a "truth commission" on torture "too distracting" in a closed-door meeting with civil liberties groups, the same day that the Senate voted 94-6 to deny funding to close Gitmo, with Harry Reid calling prison the same as "release." Mr. Isikoff says Mr. Obama got quite "cranky" when Mr. Obama's policies were described - as the facts would indicate - as a continuance of Mr. Bush's policies. I'm pretty fuckin' cranky about it too. Not surprised, not after the FISA fiasco in the Senate; just cranky.

On a related topic, Glenn Greenwald has another column up about the permanent "war president" and political press cheerleading for the ever-more-powerful executive.

eta: Patrick Appel quotes an excerpt from today's speech, where Chief Executive Obama dismisses efforts to investigate crimes of the previous Chief Executive as backwards-looking and partisan "finger-pointing." He then compares and contrasts it with similar dismissals of investigations by Mr. Cheney in recent weeks, declaring criminal investigations into violations of both law and treaty as mere matters of policy. See the despicable American political class, united as one. Isn't post-partisanship just wonderful?
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