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Folklife is really difficult to play - it's so busy that as a street performer at this particular event you more or less need to be either a clown, a loud drummer, or in a large band just to get attention. The noise level is quite high - from all fronts - so even I'm hard to hear.

So I went and found a low-traffic but semi-isolated side path and played there for a while. Money wasn't very good (and I was told by another musician that this was generally true that day but it would improve over the weekend) but I did get people listening, and I even had some sing-along on the chorus of Outbirds, and it was pretty neat when that started happening. And on Popcorn - one of my flutes, not usually the star of this show - and to a lesser degree on Scar (another flute), I was able keep my space when Drum Kit Guy started performing across the way. I handed out a few cards, including one to this guy who was fascinated by Splinter, and who also buys flutes from Romy Benton, who is a much better flutemaker than me.

No performance today. Anna and Paul and I are going to head down there just to attend - I really want to see some of the AYP stuff in particular - and tomorrow I'll play again.
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