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So spazzkat pointed out - probably correctly q >_< p - that my BAND NAME gives TSA an extra EXCUSE to fuck with my travel case (and the bouzouki inside it), as in, say, KEEP IT or something else similarly idiotic. He popped out with this when he saw that I have a sticker on the top talking about Crime and the Forces of Evil tour:

He thinks it gives them an EXCUSE, so he says I should TAKE IT OFF MY CASE. And the thing is he's RIGHT. It's fucking AIRLINE TRAVEL in the fucking US. They've fucked people people for wearing the wrong T-SHIRTS.

And the big problem is that pulling it OFF means going ALONG WITH all this BULLSHIT that I HATE. I mean, I'm going to great lengths to avoid some of the crap I've read about on airlines - hardcore Anvil-made travel case, diagrammatic instructions on how to open the latches even though they're bog standard, multiple identification notes on the case... and THIS.

CHRIST this pisses me off.

He thinks I should take the Property Of sticker off, too, because it also has the band name in big letters, with my name, address, phone number, all that crap.

Here's what it looks like on the inside almost finished, btw. The only differences now are that the rest of the recessed blue area on top is covered with layers of egg crate foam. I'd put Kohaku back in and take another picture except the foam glue is still drying and I want it nice and dry before putting in the instrument. I'm really pleased with how it looks all cleaned up but AGH HATE TSA.

They've got to me, too. I mean, I had the same thought when I was making the sticker. But then I thought "oh settle down, it's a band name on an instrument case, don't be paranoid." BUT WAIT
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