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I love it when a plan comes together

Okay, so when Lake City market says they have a stage tent, they mean it! And it has seating for an audience and a signboard and everything, like you'd expect, and like I expected in Boston. They also have an alert market manager, awfully nice vendors who apparently give all their musicians a big sack o' produce and fruit! Yay!, and a large and friendly crowd who will hang out in the seating and on the grassy commons beyond to listen and just hang out.

Honestly, I thought it was a pretty good show. I felt really relaxed and in control, so I could have good banter with the audience and really talk to people and have improved vocal and mostly good tempo control and everything. (I have a tendency to go Too Damn Fast when excited; did that a little on Stars and on Where is your Heaven? but that's mostly all.) People were asking where and when I was playing next and were sad that I had to quit, so yay! I even remembered to hand out cards, for once.

Maybe they'll have me back again! That would be excellent. ^_^ I still need a vocal mic and amp, tho'. I'm just not loud enough against the instruments!
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