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hither and yon

I'm thinking of making my account sort of my music-only journal. If I do that, I'll crosspost everything back to LJ, of course, because I like having everything together in one place - at least, everything that doesn't just end up in my handwritten old-school journal, which I might transcribe at some point and might not. I don't know!

Bothell Market is a bit of an odd one; they have a nice performer page, and they have my picture up (yay!) and they have a nice little tent and they give you bagels and doughnuts! But they don't give an audience any place to sit down, so you're generally performing to people walking by - and if they do stop, they end up blocking traffic, so they can't really stick around. (Also, on the bill, they have a note that music is sponsored by someone. Well, what's sponsored is the tent, not the musicians. So I need a good way of indicating that, for moneys.) I had a nice time on Friday, though, despite that little hitch - after the show, I talked with some of the vendors who talked about the difficulties they're having with the economy, and a couple asked if I'd play a little for them, since they were at the far end and away from the stage, so couldn't hear much. I demurred until a child passing by asked if I'd play something, so of course I then did.

Saturday wasn't on my show page because that was just busking in Woodinville, and that was a bright, sunny day and as such awfully hot. After the show, I finally found some hair ties I like again, and when I asked how much one was, the seller just gave it to me, which was super nice, so I bought a second one. ^_^ Then I went and helped with Vixy and Tony and tereshkova2001 and (in part) gfish's megamove, with a whole lot of other people, and that was hard work but actually kinda fun. I'd never seen the Brainpan before, and it was awfully adorable - but the new place is much bigger and very nice in its own way too, so.

Then today I went down for my Only One Hour at Lake Forest Park - I hate that "one hour then stop" rule, but it's their market and their rules. Even with it, though, I like playing LFP - the previous time there was kind of awesome, I can walk there, and afterwards I do my shopping! It turned out that my hauling work yesterday tired me out more than I realised, so it took a few songs to get warmed up at all, but after that, things went well enough. A few of the vendors afterwards told me they wished I was playing longer, and I explained it was market policy and maybe they could tell the market management they'd like it if musicians played longer!

Also, it was unexpectedly blustery today - people were holding on to their tents and several vendors lost merchandise off tables. And also warm. So after my hour, I ate a chocolate-covered frozen banana. Mmmmm, chocolate banana. ^_^
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