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American torture deaths

There's a report coming out - against Obama administration wishes - on deaths in the American torture programme. Some of it's already out, but this will be a larger, less censored version. One takeaway:
The interrogation and detention regime implemented by the U.S. resulted in the deaths of over 100 detainees in U.S. custody -- at least. While some of those deaths were the result of "rogue" interrogators and agents, many were caused by the methods authorized at the highest levels of the Bush White House, including extreme stress positions, hypothermia, sleep deprivation and others. Aside from the fact that they cause immense pain, that's one reason we've always considered those tactics to be "torture" when used by others -- because they inflict serious harm, and can even kill people. Those arguing against investigations and prosecutions -- that we Look to the Future, not the Past -- are thus literally advocating that numerous people get away with murder.
Some autopsy reports from murder victims of the US torture programme, such as this one, prepared by US military doctors and brought to the public by the ACLU. Many of these cases list "cause of death" as "undetermined," allowing those responsible to remain undisciplined in any way. eta: lyonesse has issues with my issues with the use of the word "undetermined"; see comments below.

Meanwhile, the NPR ombudsman has refused interview by Salon regarding the NPR's policy against calling torture "torture" when it is conducted by the United States.
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