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Too many tabs open, time to make some links!

If you favour an inclusive ENDA and have a US Congressional representative, please follow this link and see if your Representative in Congress is part of the problem, because there is one - reportedly, there still aren't enough Representatives signed on. Awesome, by which I mean fuck all of you, but, well, don't tell them that. Just say "stop being dicks and sign on." Oh wait, no, don't use the word "dicks."

The Volokh Conspiracy has commentary on Mr. Obama's speech regarding Don't Ask/Don't Tell.

The EFF reports on warrantless mass email snooping that's still, of course, ongoing. Isn't that nice. Remember, Mr. Obama is for this. Here's an action item on repealing the FISA extensions many of us were fighting last year. To the surprise of no one, even the minimal protections and restrictions of these act have done no good whatsoever and are being ignored.

The Obama administration has also invoked state secrets to block another EFF lawsuit, this one for a proposed treaty, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). What's in it? We don't know, but it reportedly looks a lot like DMCA II, as a treaty:
Very little is known about ACTA, currently under negotiation between the U.S. and more than a dozen other countries, other than that it is not limited to anti-counterfeiting measures. Leaked documents indicate that it could establish far-reaching customs regulations governing searches over personal computers and iPods. Multi-national IP corporations have publicly requested mandatory filtering of Internet communications for potentially copyright-infringing material, as well as the adoption of "Three Strikes" policies requiring the termination of Internet access after repeat allegations of copyright infringement, like the legislation recently invalidated in France. Last year, more than 100 public interest organizations around the world called on ACTA country negotiators to make the draft text available for public comment.
Isn't that lovely. Always remember that treaties have more power than laws, in the US system.

Oh, and the national ID card is being revived in the Senate, this time as "PASS ID" rather than "REAL ID."

Here, have more on NPR and the torture lies.

Eastside asshat Ken Hutcherson gets some time on the American Family Association's pet news service, One News Now, by attacking GBLT rights and Mr. Obama's commentary last Monday.

The Washington Post got caught red-handed selling access to its reporters and "those powerful few" who were not named but are described as "Obama administration officials, Congress members, business leaders, advocacy leaders and other select minds typically on the guest list of 20 or less." Also, members of the newspaper staff. After being busted, they're saying the flyer was "prepared by the Marketing department and was never vetted by... the newsroom." Sure, whatever. I'd comment on "must've been nice having credibility," but, well, that horse left the barn some time ago.
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