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Well that was quite pleasant

It's quite clear now that I should go to Woodinville - when I busk at Woodinville - first thing in the morning. Their market opens at 9am, which is crazytalk, but that's when the customers arrive, and more importantly, that's when it's loads cooler and the sun's at a low enough angle that I can play around market entrance and still be in lovely, lovely tree shade. Also - and I knew this before, but I keep having to relearn it - you make a lot more money hanging around market entrance and exit, because people see you twice - on the way in, and then again on the way out, when they're done with all their purchases. Markets have lately been putting me places that are basically market centre, which is probably best for ambiance, but people really only see you once at that point, and their minds are still on shopping - they're on task and not readily diverted away.

So I'm going to be a bit more on point about hanging out at entrances from now on. It's not just that the money's better - tho' it is, and that matters - it's also that now that people are done shopping, they're a lot more likely to just hang out a bit and listen, which means audience, which means a lot more fun for me as well as them. It's not as much fun as a stage show, mind you, but is is fun, and I'm all over that. ^_^
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