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Here, please enjoy this

Don't get pissy at the post office - you might spend four years in jail. Like this woman did. Please do enjoy your arbitrary-arrest and indefinite-detention police state. (Found by nihilistic_kid. Opening from the Tuscon Weekly article:
On Oct. 15, 2004, Mary Elizabeth Schipke entered the Oracle post office to buy a 47-cent stamped envelope. When she got frustrated with the clerk behind the counter, she told her: "God, I pray a bomb falls on your stupid, fucking head."

Almost a year later, Schipke was convicted of threatening a federal facility with weapons of mass destruction. Schipke describes what she told the clerk that day as an "imprecatory prayer"—basically, a simple curse—but that defense didn't keep her from serving a four-year prison sentence, with the last two years at Carswell, a women's federal medical prison outside of Fort Worth, Texas, that has been the subject of allegations about the questionable care of prisoners with physical and psychiatric conditions.
Schipke's a nut, but this is bullshit of the first order - and exactly the kind of goddamn bullshit I've been screaming about.
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