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Fun in Juanita Bay and Lake Forest Park

Oh look, somebody sent me a picture of me playing out at Juanita Bay, at the beach park. Thanks, anonymous photographer! (Obviously I have her email address, but that doesn't count.)

Kero-chan looks out for MODERN-YAKI

I look like a chipmunk when playing piccolo - it's part of the embouchure needed to get those high notes. But HUGE CHEEKS ARE HUGE omg

This weekend was full of hot and not full of cool breezes but Juanita Bay had a little of the latter, which helped a lot, and! I can play in the shade there, which helps a lot more. Lake Forest Park was atypically sparse today, which was too bad (and always cuts down on the enjoyment) but [info - personal] annathepiper came down with me and I got her singing with me on a few songs and that was lots of fun. We even did Meg Davis's Elf Glade, which I've only recently picked up. (And I got lost in one verse for two measures, too. AGH AGH AGH WHERE WHAT HEY oh rite)

Kohaku drew a lot of curiosity today - I'm used to having to explain what the hell he is, but I had a lot more of that than usual this time around. When I switched to mandolin for the later part of the set, I got another Led Zeppelin comment. It's all very strange! But I don't mind. I think I'm making some Irish Bouzouki converts, which is neat.

But now I'm home and full of sleeps. The forecast this week calls for cooling temperatures, so I'm HOLDING THEM TO THAT DAMMIT because if so I should be able to do a little more recording. Fingers crossed.

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