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Woodinville and Edmonds

Played Woodinville for a while; pretty nice day, and for Woodinville, a big crowd - most of that had to do with a wedding scheduled at another part of the site for later in the day, and a bunch of the wedding crowd showing up early. But hey, whatever - it's much more fun to play a busy market than an empty one. The market manager, Grant, asked if I was working on a CD, and I assured him that I was, and we got into a discussion with the two of us and the nice lady who runs the kettlecorn stand (and who gave me kettlecorn ^_^ ) about how my radio experience has meant NOTHING to recording. Well, except how to coil cables. That carries over.

Bothell yesterday wasn't any fun at all - it felt like half the market was missing. (Honestly, I think around 40% of vendors were no-shows, given the empty slots.) Most of the time, I was playing to empty space, and since everything was odd I sang most of the songs I played, which is good practice. One of the vendors who was there - and across from the stage tent - said I was carrying pretty well as far as she was concerned, and I even sang the scary things like "Where is your Heaven?" which she liked.

Then this afternoon, after Woodinville, I drove over to Edmonds for their downtown market. I'd never been to Edmonds before, for whatever reason - it reminds me a lot of White Rock, in a good way, complete with RBC branch about where you'd find it in White Rock, which was just odd. But really nice. I like White Rock, and I liked what I've seen so far of Edmonds - nice, busy, neat downtown, 'way more density than you'd expect for a town that small, and really nice for it. I didn't go looking for the beach, but maybe I will next time. I enjoyed playing there - it's a huge and very busy market - so I think I'll be back a few times the rest of the summer. And I should try some of the other Snohomish County markets while I'm at it, like I should've been doing already.

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