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last and next

I've got a bunch of lyrics for "Getting Away With It," my newest instrumentally-complete song, but only one verse, and gotd dammit these are a lot of words for me for one verse. (144 words. Yay, 122!) They weren't working at all for most of the night but then later I managed to make them work less badly by just saying, "y'know what? fukkit" and spraypainting. Now at least some of them work. It'll be a real pain in the ass to sing, too. But I like the last line:
Don't you know/stupid boy/that I think we can win?
I think about posting lyrics occasionally but dumbass ideas about rights paranoia and laziness make me not do it. Once I've got this damn CD finished I'll post 'em I guess.

It's kind of funny that this is the first song by Crime and the Forces of Evil that actually directly mentions crime and/or evil. I'm worried that it's going to become one of those seven-minute-long egofests, but eh, w/e. If it does, it does. Mmmmm, self-indulgence!

Last weekend went kind of annoyingly but had good bits - right now, I can play Everett Market, but only until the official band for the day shows up, and Charlie Spring showed up about 15 minutes into my set, so that was a waste of time. I didn't even make my gas money back! Charlie - who is a full-time pro - did hear me play, tho', and we traded cards, and he told the market manager Tone that I'm really good, and Tone said he knew and told me I'd be hired as an official musician next year. So that's good - I got some props and the interest in me for next year is apparently pretty solid.

Also when I arrived co-market-manager Inger asked me if I'd be interested in playing their new Wolf Hall market on some Wednesday this autumn, too, and with a name like that, I mean, how can I not? (I think they actually call it Everett Community College market or something like that, but c'mon, it's at Wolf Hall, so it's Wolf Hall Market, which makes me feel just a little like I might run into Njall or konigenwolf Viradechtis, which, well, I won't, but entertains me no end in the abstract.) So we'll see whether that happens. I'll post if it does. ^_^

This weekend isn't looking like much - I've got my final Bothell Market show for the year tomorrow at 1:30 (a.k.a. between Morning At PAX and Late Afternoon And Evening At PAX). On Saturday I'll busk at Woodinville, weather permitting - but it's looking very much like weather will not permit, at least at this point. I wonder whether I should put up a special sign at Bothell saying it's my last show for the year, and whether that'd help... The effect of the economy on tips has been pronounced this year, if inconsistently - I've had my highest-paying and lowest-paying shows ever this summer, breaking records on both sides. But the average has been down - of my two best markets last year, one changed their rules to permit a lot less playing, and the other has just been terrible, and I don't really know why.

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