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Too many tabs (1)

Here, I have too many tabs open. Enjoy several items! First, the nice bits:

Free Museum Admission Day in the US, September 26th. They have a list and map of participating museums. Participating museum locator here.

A really nice aerial photograph of the Burning Man site from this year.

Not entirely - just mostly - unrelated, please enjoy this high-resolution topographic map of Mars.

Finally, Two Player Productions put up a bit set of live tracks from a bunch of bands, including Anamanaguchi, all from Blip Festival 2008. Please to enjoy musics!

Now two not-at-all fun bits:

Robert Hersch, primary author of the US Federal government's report on peak oil, talks to the ASPO USA on the difficulties of getting the report done and out at all - it was too much a "bad news" story, and still is: "...I would argue for because somebody has to stand up and say the emperor has no clothes. That’s going to be very difficult because people don’t like to hear bad news, and this is terrible news, and as it sinks in, markets will drop and there will be an immediate recessionary reaction, because people will realize that this is such a horrendous problem that having a positive outlook on employment and the economy is just simply unrealistic."

The Philadelphia public library system is preparing to shutter all operations on October 2nd, pending revisions to state budgeting. I don't know how much of this may be stunt, but it is consistent with the massive shortfalls in tax revenue in most parts of the US.
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