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Lots of rehearsing for Saturday

I'm busy working up to Saturday's show(?) in Edmonds - I still don't know whether it's a real venue or whether it's just a playing area or what, I need to get some answers on that. But I'm assuming it is until I know otherwise. I'm working on the lyrics for all these songs I know that I don't normally sing 'cause I didn't write 'em - the traditional pieces and such. It'd be nice to have more singing. ^_^

(I'm also hoping it doesn't rain. The forecast is not promising.)

In other news, I've discovered to my disappointment that even with all the (real and substantial!) performance improvements I've coaxed out of my DAW hardware, I'm still running into walls of fail as soon as I start stacking tracks up. Once you hit eight or so active tracks (even with four idle, but I guess they are there with data on them, even if they're muted) you start to lose things like the record/playback cursor and accurate scroll positioning, and that's kind of important, particularly in the edit stages. I mean, this is much better than before, where I started losing recording ability with only five tracks, and only one or two active! Srsly I made it much happier through configuration changes. And more RAM ^_^

But it's still a big problem as it stands now. Just for example, "Artefacts (You'll Never See)" is going to need at least six active tracks in the final mixdown (vocal 1, vocal 2, vocal 3, mandolin 1, bouzouki 1, percussion 1) and it'd be nice to have more than one take of things available to edit down into the active set, so I kinda need this to work. Not to mention what's going to happen when I start adding effect plug-ins and more EQ and such, which I've been avoiding. All that takes power, too.

So Anna's letting me buy a new MB/CPU/RAM combination to upgrade the DAW from the middle of this legacy-CPUs chart to the lower-middle of this current-CPUs chart for cheap thanks to close-outs and sales and such. It's still trailing-edge technology (yay closeouts!) but it's newer trailing edge technology, which means MOAR BETTER! I hope.

Plus, something - I think the HD data bus - on the current MB kinda sucks. This machine has always been a dog and always underperformed its CPU/RAM/HD configuration and I was never able to get performance I'd expect. (I mean, c'mon. It's currently a P4 at 2.66Ghz with 1 gig RAM running against a 7200rpm ATA Maxtor HD. Launching Firefox with nothing else running takes around 25 seconds to start and get the LAN-hosted homepage loaded. That's slower than my PIII/550 with 384 megs RAM and old SCSI HD, and is also an improvement. Something ain't right, but diagnostics claim nothing's wrong. Also, it eats its BIOS settings occasionally. Hm.) The new MB is well-reviewed for its system bus, so let's hope all that proves out.

Anyway, I should get substantially more capability out of this upgrade (without overclocking - all these components are good for that) which should be (I hope I hope I hope) all I need. (4.5x on benchmarks against systems with good busses? Probably more vs. the weak? plskthx.) If I really need to, all these components are well regarded for substantial overclocking by hobbyists, so from reports I should be able to get another 25% or so (if I have to) without even getting a better heat sink, tho' if I have to overclock I'm sure I'll get a better one - they're cheap. And hopefully I just won't need any of that. It'll be annoying enough just upgrading the hardware to run at spec!

Wish me luck. The upgrade will no doubt be a NIGHTMARE. It always is.

Orthogonally, gfish pointed out this neat violin story on Science Daily. I want to learn violin, tho' I've been lame about it this summer.

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