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This is not the first time

John L. Perry's column advocating a military coup d'etat against Mr. Obama is not the first call in the last two years from a GOP enthusiast for a military takeover in the US. If Thomas Sewell's rhapsodising over the necessity of military takeover at National Review isn't good enough for you, maybe you'd enjoy recalling Philip Atkinson at Family Security Matters calling for Mr. Bush to lead a military takeover of the US government.

Dan Savage thinks "they're trying to get [Mr. Obama] killed." It's becoming more difficult to disagree.

eta: Newsmax yanked the article. However, Talking Points Memo still has the full text online. I also have placed a webarchive record, in zip format, here, in case you want the original full article in its full glory. (I expected it would get yanked.)
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