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So there are a couple more markets...

So there are two more markets operating this weekend, Woodinville today, and Juanita Bay yesterday, both on their last days of the year, and the weather's good so I'm out there, like y'do. Juanita yesterday had a lot more vendors than on closing day last year, and the crowd wasn't bad either; a quite pleasant surprise. But the part that makes me smile today is this five-ish year old coming up to me very shyly and very solemnly giving me her eight cents in pennies. Aw.

Anyway, off to Woodinville, then to my first Norwescon concom meeting of the year. It's their second, but I had a stage show during the first one and GUESS WHICH WINS!

This post originated at ソラバドのおん: Solarbird Makes Noises, on Dreamwidth.
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