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Barney Frank can fuck off and die; also Mr. Obama at the HRC

J0, Barney Frank: Go fuck yourself. No, seriously. Go. Fuck. Yourself. Take your "protesting is worthless and you should all go home" and add it to your "sit down shut up and give the DNC your money so they can tell you to go fuck off again," your "let's not try to overturn DOMA" political ass-covering for Mr. Obama, your alliance-splitting sell-out scumbaggery on ENDA, and fuck. off. and. die. I've had it with you. Yeah, run out of town and hide from the march. Run, coward.

Of course, you're the perfect liaison for and representative of those worthless bastards at HRC, who, I must yet again stress, should never receive another dime from any GBLT person with any vague hint of self-respect, and are nothing more than a sockpuppet for the Democratic Party powers that be, with about as much self-loathing for themselves as the DNC has for them. They're a perfect fit for the Tuesday afternoon "veal pen," where beltway groups get their marching orders from Rahm Emanuel.

Mr. Obama basically repeated his campaign speeches at the HRC dinner tonight. He gives good speech, that's certain. Huffington Post commenters love it, ganging up on anybody who says 'j0, what about actions'? The HRC crowd, similarly caring about words and not about action, went wild at almost every word. As before the election, he declined to say anything against anti-gay initiatives currently up in various locations (then, most notably California; now, Washington State, Maine, DC), which I think is the most telling thing.

In addition him to doing nothing, his party is also continuing to do nothing except stop excluding queers from hate-crimes law. I'm rather iffy on the whole hate-crimes law thing to start, so that doesn't carry a lot of weight with me, but I'll grant it's of memetic importance if not much else. But Mr. Obama promised here - again - that he'll work towards stopping government oppression against GBLT people later, when it's safe, when the economy is booming and health care is universal and education is reformed and all wars are over (timeline Afghanistan: after he leaves office) and, and, and. Basically, it'll be our turn after he's done all the things he really cares about - be patient, and they'll get to us, someday. He lists the key things to get done first, tho' he doesn't quite use those words - here's the relevant bit:
I think it is important to remember that there is not a single issue that my administration deals with on a daily basis that does not touch on the lives of the LGBT community. We all have a stake in reviving this economy. We all have a stake in putting people back to work. We all have a stake in improving our schools and achieving quality, affordable health care. We all have a stake in meeting the difficult challenges we face in Iraq and Afghanistan... So I know you want me working on jobs and the economy and all the other issues that we're dealing with. But my commitment to you is unwavering even as we wrestle with these enormous problems.
The problem, of course, is that there are always enormous problems that face straight people (and queers too), and by this metric, simply not oppressing queers anymore gets scheduled for approximately... hmmm.... never.

(It's kinda neat later in the speech, where Mr. Obama takes credit for ending the HIV-travel ban that was actually ended by the previous Congress and Mr. Bush. Particularly since the implementation of regulations to end this ban were delayed - substantially - by his administration's actions. 10 months so far and counting! Of course, the HRC goes nuts cheering him. Sycophants.)

If you care, Sullivan liveblogs the speech here, and ends with describing the speech as "much worse than expected." Meanwhile, Dan Savage comments here, and Towleroad is not impressed here. Neither is Firedoglake.

Fundamentally you need to understand two things about Mr. Obama and this speech tonight. You need to understand that Mr. Obama never supported actual legal equality and never said he does. It's one of the places he's been somewhat honest. This came up again tonight, when he started talking about a national domestic partnership system, and not legal marriage, and where he did not say anything about Maine or Washington State. And secondly you need to understand is that this speech says in reasonably clear language that he will not spend one. halfpenny. of political capital on queers. He'll throw out some speeches and no-impact breadcrumbs to keep the money train going, sure, but that's an investment with an expected return. The only thing that has gotten any movement out of anybody in that administration is the threat of shutting down that money train.

That's all that matters, and that's all that will matter. Understand that, and you'll understand this.
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