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Oh man, if the reports coming out on NBC about the largest GBLT-rights march in DC in over a decade are true, these protests were totally useful - they got the White House staff to admit what they think of T3h Gay:It's all anonymous, of course, but that's how it works these days: anonymous sources instead of on-the-record whenever you want to get a message out. Of more serious note is that we've now got the same line coming out of the ever-compliant political transcription media as we did out of the speech last night: the White House will do all the things that Real (Heterosexual) Americans Want First, then once we've fixed the economy and education and health care and the wars then we'll maybe get to editing some of the laws targeting you queers.

(This whole "but we are helping you by doing all this other stuff" line from Mr. Obama's speech is identical to old Republican apologetics on civil rights. The "queer rights = lefty fringies" is right out of 1990s fundamentalist radio. There's no school like the old school...)

I kind of like Pam Spalding's comment, because it does address something that many Obama supporters hate - the idea of protesting Mr. Obama or Democrats at all. Specifically:
I guess all of that "support" he doled out last night at the HRC dinner and the fact Candidate Obama said to hold him accountable was conditional if you're LGBT. Or maybe civil rights matters don't qualify for the "keep up the pressure" policy.
btw, Slog reports that the Seattle protest today included anti-Obama chants. Maybe that's part of the plan; he's been dancing with the bigots for a while, maybe if he can convince them that queers oppose him, they'll start liking him. Mmmmm, triangulation.
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