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eggplant parmesan

Last weekend after my stage gig in Magnolia, I received a lot - by which I mean damn - of produce from people at the market, and I've been trying to get through all of it before it goes bad. This has involved new foods! Today's was eggplant parmesan, made with this recipe. I made one mistake in that apparently the intent was that I should cut the eggplants transversely (resulting in medallion-shaped slices) rather than longitudinally and latitudinally (resulting in french-fry-shaped slices).

Anyway, it took forever - the recipe says and hour and a half, it took me a little longer because I've never made it before - and it came out well, if a bit saltier than I expected. Everybody liked it. If I make it again, it'll definitely be without the salt. Hopefully that won't explode anything.

Oh, talking of, tereshkova2001 gave me a recipe that includes making your own pesto, but it has pine nuts and I hate nuts of all kinds, so I was thinking sunflower seeds instead. They have similar texture, have oil like nuts, and I don't hate them. Is this crazytalk or viable?
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