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Ever wanted to take over the Norwescon daily 'zine?

I've been editing the Norwescon daily at-convention newsletter for a long time, and I want to train other people and hand it off to them before I'm completely burned out. I hit pre-burnout a few years ago, rebooted into new approaches which fixed that for a while, but I'm about to burn out for reals, so I won't be doing it again after this year.

Anyway, I need to train somebody - preferably several somebodies - on all of this, this year. If you don't know what a Norwescon daily 'zine is; it's basically the daily newspaper of the convention, produced at the convention, of the convention, for the convention. You do most of the production work overnight so you can put out a morning edition with programme changes for the day. PDF editions also go out overnight.

Here are some samples of recent work. There are things I like in all of these, tho' Run, RUNNER! is certainly the weakest of the lot. (FaxCascadia was not done for Norwescon, but was done for CasacadiaCon, the North American Science Fiction Convention held here in 2005, but it's the same idea, a bit more toned down than usual for the different crowd.) Of the Norwescon 'zines here, I really like STOMP and RUN!! best. I think Dirty. Little. SECRETS would've been epic if I hadn't gotten food poisoning on Thursday and missed a day and generally been fucked up the whole weekend.

Anyway, if you're interested, and mean it, show up at a Norwescon concom meeting and let's talk. It's fun! I've just been doing it too long and it's someone else's turn.
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