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A week already?

Since last post I wrapped up - I hope - recording bed track source material for all the mandolin-led pieces, and I even (omg) did my first... um... I think the term is drop-in? It's where you record a little snippet that you're using as a patch in a bad spot for an otherwise-good recording. It's different to other recording, in that you really need to match not just tempo but tone and feel of the recording you're patching. In this case that was pretty easy, but there will certainly be more difficult versions ahead.

But mostly I'm working on the bouzouki-led tracks. My bouzouki work has not been as crisp as my mandolin work, mostly because I've only been playing Kohaku since mid-April. (That's compared playing Summer since January '08, three times as long.) Six months is a lot of time and I'm starting to get there, but I don't have the... solidity? that I have on mandolin, at least not as consistently. There really are fundamental differences between how you approach the two instruments. So I've been doing a lot of playing and practicing just on getting the right kind of sounds.

"Getting Away with It" is not going to be easy to get right for the recording. Technically right is one thing (and there's nothing really that complicated about the song except it's another zillion-chord-wonder), but interpretatively right and energetically right is another entirely. I'm pretty sure that I'll be recording a bed track for it on (...checks schedule...) Friday that'll be timing-accurate but not good, and I won't end up keeping it. Maybe I'll surprise myself.

I'm also finding that I'm doing 2-3 hours of prep (including recording-specific rehearsal and warmups) for 20-30 minutes of actual live microphone and "tape." I suspect this is kind of normal? The ratio has actually been improving, which is good, mostly because I'm getting used to the equipment.

This afternoon I'm going to be giving a bunch of recorded tracks a really careful listen, and hopefully some editing. It's scary! 'cause it is. And more voicework. I'm not the kind of intuitive singer I'd like to be, but I have the voice I have, so I'm doing what I can with it. If Crime and the Forces of Evil are ever a Real Band, I'll probably be singing backup and harmonies, not lead.

This post originated at ソラバドのおん: Solarbird Makes Noises, on Dreamwidth.
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