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The Stupak amendment is worse than most people thought at first, like I expected it would be. But so is the whole health care bill, so. I'm mostly just posting this for my own memory.

Women's health, schomen's smealth. Not that it's the first time. Anger at the Stupak Democrats. More on what Stupak does. Stupak's news release. Calls for primary opponents for the Stupak Democrats. How Catholic Bishops swung the anti-abortion amendment. David Frum gets it right.

Mostly I'm waiting for the next iteration, where no health provider that also provides abortion can receive exchange-group insurance funds at all. And possibly, given that contraception is out of the bill, contraception as well.

Basically what you need to take away here is that the GOP hates most civil liberties (pretty much everything except gun rights) and women's rights in general, and there's not a civil liberty or civil right that the Democratic party won't sell out to achieve some goal. (Plus some they just hate, like gun rights.) That's just how it works. If you're a straight woman, well, here's an example, and welcome to the GBLT fuck-you treadmill.

eta: Mr. Obama says Stupak must be changed back to the Hyde Amendment status quo. We'll see whether that means anything as this unfolds. (Pointer courtesy rfunk.)
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