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when in doubt write ragey punk

My other fake band, Mary Kay and the Cosmetics, keeps getting new songs this NaNoteWriMo; I think it's because they're really easy to write. Anyway, I have another three minute song added to the mix, yay! It's not good. But I was giggling kind of a lot while writing it, so that has to count for something, right? RIGHT? RIGHT GODDAMMIT?!

Anna says it's in the key of AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!! which I think is probably correct. But whatever it might be worth musically, it's also worth three minutes towards NaNoteWriMo goal! Unlike some of these other songs this time, it probably won't be getting longer. I mean, it's four verses plus choruses and extra chorus because it's an easy chorus to keep ranting and! bonus RAEG, so. THREE MORE MINUTES! Yay!

Currently: 24 minutes. I have now written more music than my previous nanotewrimo attempt! I am not currently on target; to be on target, I needed by EOD to have 31.7 minutes. (1.67 minutes/day). I am getting closer to being back on schedule.

This post originated at ソラバドのおん: Solarbird Makes Noises, on Dreamwidth.
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