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closer to 40...

"What the Hell?" It needs a new title but it's four minutes of confusion and anger with a strangely melodic bridge and asymmetrical internal structure that I hope kinda works. (Four minutes is rounded up, but by the time it's fleshed out, that'll be rounding down, so I think it's fair.)

I write a lot of songs with large doses of RAEG. I think in December I should try to write some songs without RAEG. It will be a lot more difficult, I think. But I counted again and it looks like I did miss that 3m instrumental before, so the higher count is right and this puts me at 38 minutes. 40 minutes (or 80% there by end of month) is looking more and more reasonable! This is awesome. (My previous attempt I think I got 23 minutes, so even 38 is a lot better. ^_^ )

Why do I write mostly only after midnight? I mean, I try to write earlier in the day, but it keeps not working. After midnight is apparently MUSIC BRAINZ TIEM or something. Seriously, today was "nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, oh look it's midnight [song dump]." I'm going to have to make this happen earlier tomorrow, 'cause as of right now there's only 23 hours left in this damn thing. Tally ho!

This post originated at ソラバドのおん: Solarbird Makes Noises, on Dreamwidth.
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