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Shout at the Desert

I've been working on a couple of the songs that I wrote during NaNoteWriMo. "Amber" needed nearly nothing, really, but I'm working on keeping the rhythm that drives it intact without it being overbearing, which is a performance thing. "Shout at the Desert" needed a better ending and another verse and the extra structure that was hovering between being a second chorus structure and a second verse structure turned out to be a second verse structure, so now there's chorus, A-verse, B-verse, bridge, and intro/outro pairs. I'm not entirely thrilled with the last iteration of the A-verse, but it works for now, and the new outro is a lot better than the one it had.

So I was kind of up until 2am making sure that was right. Really the first two-thirds of the song is the same as before, and musically there's a little arrangement change but that's it.

Tonight I'm going to go see this show at Wayward Coffeehouse, so that'll be fun. ^_^

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