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Retroactive New Year's Resolutions 2009!

Stolen entirely from hsifyppah, I present:
It's time for Retroactive New Year's Resolutions! The regular kind are way too depressing - who can keep them?

Here are mine! I mean, here were mine, which uhh.... I totally just found in a sealed envelope from last January.
1. Neither Anna nor I get more cancer or injuries. 10 days to go! STAY ON TARGET
2. Paid-to-show-up-and-play gigs. <3
3. Get a show in Boston!
4. ...and Vancouver!
5. Win NaNoteWriMo9!
6. Go YAY a lot as Anna's first book gets published. YAY! See? I'm still doin' it. ^_^
7. Buy a bouzouki with help! ^_^
8. Steal a meme about retroactive resolutions from hsifyppah. Freakishly specific, and yet I feel very good about this one at this point!

There are further notes in the margin but I can't quite read them so this is enough for now. What're yours?
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