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I was sent this privately by an LJ friend

There is a court challenge to Proposition 8 at the Federal level, as has been discussed by Andrew Sullivan and others, led in part by a conservative lawyer who sees it as an equal protection violation. (As you might expect, I agree.)

As in Washington State, where anti-gay forces have been suing to overturn state public records law to keep their initiative and referendum signatures secret, the anti-GBLT side here wants to keep the court case as secret as possible. They want, for example, to reduce coverage by shutting off the pool camera usually (but not always) used to cover cases in this court. Courage Campaign, obviously, wants the footage out there.

So here's what I was forwarded:
U.S. District Court Judge Vaughn Walker -- who will be overseeing a federal court challenge to Prop 8 starting this Monday (January 11) -- is considering whether or not to open the court room to TV cameras.

The court just announced that it is seeking public comment on the proposal to televise the trial -- and that all comments must be submitted to the court by a Friday deadline.

The interest in this case is unprecedented. And not surprisingly, supporters of Prop 8 -- who eliminated the right of same-sex couples to marry -- do NOT want the trial to be televised.

Opponents of Prop 8 -- led by attorneys David Boies and Ted Olson -- are seeking to televise the case in the interests of full transparency. They want this historic trial to be watched by as many Americans as possible. And, of course, we agree.

We have just this one chance to make our voices heard -- thousands of Americans calling for equality, transparency and accountability. That's why we're teaming up with CREDO Action to collect as many signatures as possible asking Judge Walker to televise the case. We need your signature now:

As this is a public comment period, public comments even in bulk are at least theoretically relevant.
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