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Uncovered, then un-covered, in American media

I want to bring this article in Harper's magazine to your attention. It's about the three so-called simultaneous suicides at Gitmo in 2006, which are widely believed to be torture deaths, and the official story - to which the government still holds! - is farcical in every respect. This article brings forth a lot of new evidence showing that the men were, in fact, murdered, as were many other US torture victims during the era. This article in particular outlines the existence of a facility at Gitmo generally known as "Camp No," as in "No, it doesn't officially exist." Camp No appears to have been one of the many "black sites" used in torture operations.

Andrew Sullivan comments here on the nearly-complete blackout of the ongoing torture story in American media, even as coverage happens in other countries, and here on why this should be a much bigger story than it is. Here are satellite photos of what may be "Camp No."

All this is part of the Bush administration torture programme which Mr. Obama continues to do everything in his power to prevent from being investigated, much less prosecuted. Or, possibly, even stopped:
Nearly 200 men remain imprisoned at Guantánamo. In June 2009, six months after Barack Obama took office, one of them, a thirty-one-year-old Yemeni named Muhammed Abdallah Salih, was found dead in his cell. The exact circumstances of his death, like those of the deaths of the three men from Alpha Block, remain uncertain. Those charged with accounting for what happened—the prison command, the civilian and military investigative agencies, the Justice Department, and ultimately the attorney general himself—all face a choice between the rule of law and the expedience of political silence. Thus far, their choice has been unanimous.
With no investigation, with no accountability, with nothing less than exactly as thick a stonewall as the Bush administration maintained, we can't know.

eta: The base commander at the time, Colonel Bumgarner, says he has no idea who Sgt. Hickman even is, despite recommending him for a medal and naming him NCO of the Quarter at the camp in 2006. He also claims that he was at the base at the time, which contradicts earlier testimony, so he either perjured himself then or is lying now. The Department of Justice says there is "no evidence of wrongdoing" whatsoever.
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