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While there was a little hedging on this in radio reports later in the afternoon, reports indicate that Mr. Obama (and I swear to the gods I accidentally typed Mr. Bush first) plans to make the closure of Gitmo meaningless by continuing all the policies of Gitmo, just in new locations. The three-tiered "justice" system - which cannot be called a legitimate justice system on any level - of real trials for some, fake trials for others, no trials for yet more will continue. As Mr. Greenwald notes:
Perhaps worst of all, it converts what was once a leading prong in the radical Bush/Cheney assault on the Constitution -- the Presidential power to indefinitely imprison people without charges -- into complete bipartisan consensus, permanently removed from the realm of establishment controversy.
Not that it carries the least bit of meaning, but I have sent my pointless little email to the White House saying I will support any impeachment attempt on this basis, just as I supported those on Mr. Bush. I'm sure I'll get exactly as far with this as I got with that.
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