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And back to it

Good day in studio today. Not revelatory like Thursday, but still, seriously, the second best day in studio I've had. (I wasn't able to do much Friday or over the weekend, in no small part because of Anna's birthday but also a little from being totally wiped out Friday morning.) This actually did kind of all fall together last week, and it fell together in a way that's sticking around. I like it, a lot.

Right, so, Outbirds today got a pretty decent version of its mandolin track recorded. It's not perfect; the mandolin part consists of a series of high-speed accent notes played at about, hum, around 410 notes per minute? Just under 7 notes per second. And that's at or near the top of my current ability to play, speed-wise, so the timing's a little sloppy here and there. But it's not bad.

I also figured out a much better way to record the bodhran with the SM-57s, and a former studio jockey I know in Florida has told me how to record bodhran safely with the Novas, which I'll probably take back and apply when re-recording the bodhran part in Artefacts. (I like what I have now on the drum in Outbirds, so I won't re-record it unless I discover I have a reason.)

Oh, and new vocals. They're a lot better than what I had, but I'm still re-recording them tomorrow. I can do better.

Basically, I want to have a few copies of a three (or, if I get very, very productive and lucky, four) song EP by this weekend called Sketchy Characters. See, this weekend, there's a local filk convention called Conflikt nearby, and I'm going. It's not something where I'm going to do SRS SALES OMG; I'm not a scheduled performer there, my stuff isn't really filk because it's mostly not F&SF related, and besides, none of the tracks will be final, and any copies I have of the CD will be burned on Anna's laptop. But it will be a CD, and the recordings will all be complete, in that all the instruments will be there, with polish and such to follow. With Artefacts, that's a seven-track arrangement; with Outbirds, it's four with the strong possibility of a fifth; with Cascadia, How I Have Missed You, it's, um, one. Which is totally cheating, I admit, but hello, Crime and the Forces of Evil. We cheat.

(And if I'm very lucky and very productive, When You Leave will make at least a minimal appearance on the disc in probably the least complete state of anything. But still.)

Anyway, it's mostly just to have something I can hand to people. A sneak preview, and in a couple of cases something I can show to people I know who will be there so they can say, "okay, this is totally wrong, fix it." Later, they can become unbelievably valuable bootlegs! Which I'll counterfeit and sell on eBay! And most importantly, something I can start handing to venue managers saying, "j0. Book me." Even if I have to punt down to one-instrument-and-voice arrangements for the live show demos. Once I have the full songs, that shit's easy.

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