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[signal repeater: online] Nifty things!

So I saw that sheistheweather posted a "People on my LJ reading list make and do interesting things!" post and let it work as a signal booster for ART!s and MUSIC!s and STUFF! And I took advantage of that and mentioned my things, so I thought I'd repeat it! Here are some of mine:

annathepiper is a writer! She has one fantasy series going and a second on the market. You can read excerpts here, at her official website.

gfish makes custom props, gadgets, and art installations! Check his official website, Attoparsec, here. He's also just posted a video of his current almost-complete project, Jacob's Ladder No. 1, over on his LJ.

lyonesse makes SCIENCE! and is working on another paper about BRAINS! She also teaches horseback riding (check the domain name, I <3 it) and has written poetry and a really good novel I hope gets picked up soon. And she's still writing music and has recordings from her old bands - see comments!

cafiorello also makes SCIENCE! She even has a book! "Most of my articles are about studying brains indirectly, but we just started a study using fMRI to look at brain changes after intervention for kids with ADHD!"

laputain is a musician in New Zealand, core of her band Vostok Lake, and has an album out!

filkertom is the world's only full-time professional filker! (As far as I know.) And has a zillion CDs and shows up on Dr. Demento and NPR and other random places, depending upon where and how people examine the inside of that box containing Mr. Schrodinger's cat.

seanan_mcguire is on her way to being awfully, awfully famous because of her books.

telophase is an artist! and sells prints! and reminds everyone that Mello hates you. She has also written a lot about manga.

ursulav is another artist! And a writer! And her Dragonbreath just earned out its advance and is paying royalties! Yay! You can look at her stuff at the Red Wombat Studio website.

wytwolf? Another artist! Go fig. Not as much for sale yet, but ... give it time that's enough time. She's doing commissions!

spazzkat has a webcomic! It's on hiatus at the moment but I hope it'll be back.

hsifyppah is a musician! Of banjo goodness. She writes short, snappy songs in quantity. You can read about and listen to them here, via BandCamp.

arjache has two! webcomics! They are Brain Comics and The Angels of Death.

nihilistic_kid writes short novels you really should be reading, including Under My Roof and Move Under Ground. He also edits at Haikasoru.

quen_elf takes a lot of good photographs and is also publisher of his own drum software, leafdrums, and the IRC client leafchat, which just issued a new release, version 2.3. Enjoy!

s00j is the indomitable S.J. Tucker, lead of Tricky Pixie with stealthcello and Alexander James Adams, playing this Norwescon along with Vixy and Tony, who are vixyish and tfabris, respectively. And saladofdoom occasionally releases his recipes into the wild on his LJ. For free!

daphne_lage makes the comics Tall Tails and Egoraven and many other arts! You should look at them.

sarakate, emmacrew, and kathrynt all design knitting patterns; Emma and Kathryn both have designs published in Homespun Handknit. sarakate's latest design is here. Sara's (requires free registration) link is here, Emma's and Kathryn's are above.

mamishka with her murals and her block prints and her movie reviews!

tereshkova2001's mom, who I haven't met, makes and sells steampunk jewelry over on Etsy (sans Regretsy. ^_^ )

maellenkleth is an organist - "Tonnes of Hot Metal!" - and is working on a CD of Bach.

pocketnaomi writes poetry and with cflute are two out of the three members of Tempered Glass, a new band! And cflute was half of Echo's Children, who had CDs available (and still does)!

skellington1 has "fine art and fun art," and is part of an occasionally-performing street performance group.

I know I've left people out. It's not on purpose, I'm just lame. Who else that I know should be on here?
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