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Flag capes ftw


...was unmitigatedly awesome.

So we went to see Great Big Sea play Newfoundland and Labrador Night at medal award ceremonies. We had some surprise opening acts before the medal awards themselves including the Irish Descendants (omg) and that was fun, and they had this film they'd shot of people doing thread-the-needle dancing around the world and when they got to Japan it was all "omg I used to hang out there" "and also there" and and and.

Then medals and that was nice but when the show started it turned out the medal playform wasn't the stage but was standing room! So I decided I was Going There and did, which was fun (I NEED TO SEE A TICKET ok HERE'S A TICKET BYE) and we got up reasonably close to the stage and closer as the show went on.

We brought the flag! Which I'd been wearing all day anyway as a cape and getting lots of "what flag is that?" questions. And we were on camera with it several times and we crowd partied with Russians - I think they were part of a team! They were all "we do not know who you are but you are high energy and have an obscure flag so we like you" - and Poles and Newfoundlanders and some people who were from somewhere out east but not N&L.

And people would ask what the flag was and I'd say "Cascadia!" and they'd nod and go, "oh, okay!" Mostly they didn't ask where that was other than the Poles, who did, and I explained and they liked that. ^_^ And we did the TINY COUNTRIES ARE AWESOME dance and that was fun. ^_^

Not to mention that the Boys put two+ sets of energy into one set so had show of epic mania, which was super infectous. Anna has the setlist and has probably posted on her LJ, go check it.

And apparently the show was broadcast! So if you see the blue, green, and white tricolour towards the centre of the stage audience, that's us. ^_^ With the Newfoundlanders to our right and Poles behind us and happy Russians in front.

After the show there was a lot of omg crowd and WOOOOOOOOOO and bad renditions of national anthems (Anna and I did in fact sing Yank My Doodle, It's a Dandy walking up Robson. But my plan had anyone asked what out anthem was was to say it had no words and play them Cascadia (How I Have Missed You) off my phone.) And about an hour and a half later we made it out of downtown and back to the Cowhaus.

And, before all that, in the afternoon, we got into the BC pavilion so could see the Da Vinci exhibit, I should mention that before I forget. I wanted SO MUCH to do the zipline ride but even in the rain the wait was six hours.

And I think there was a firm concensus that Team Cascadia took home the Vertical Movement gold. No question.

Now I need brunch! Time for brunchings. ^_^

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