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Should I risk it? Nah, no way I should risk it. Oh, go ahead.

Time for a political post? We're 2,500 miles away from Chicago, I've got a full browser's worth of open tabs, my arms are slowly getting better, it's dark, and I'm wearing hand braces. Yeah, it's hit it.

I am Dan Brown, destroyer of words. Why do people read this man? Honestly.

How much does the Catholic Church hate queers? Oh, lots. Like the DC diocese Catholic Charities ending all spousal benefits for employees just to say "fuck you, faggots." Mind you, to the Church, opposite-sex divorce and remarriage is no more valid than same-sex marriage, but they didn't care about that. And that shows where priorities lie.

Or maybe this does it even better: "Heart of Jesus Catholic School, in Boulder, has refused to readmit a preschooler because the child has two moms. Her parents are lesbians." I guess when they're talking about all the rejection children of same-sex parents will face, they mean by them. Vile.

Oh, Virginia's Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli II (R), is trying to get colleges in Virginia to drop protections for GBLT employees. More specifically, he's saying protections are illegal. Also, enjoy reading about this fundamentalist "prayer warrior" group in Amarillo, Texas. They're spending most of their time recently going against a group of straight "swingers," but have also targeted a play about the Nazi extermination of gay and lesbian people, nature preserves (as pagan), various non-Christian religious groups, and they have a lot more on their target list. The local police appear to be letting them just go at it, sending off state police who tried to intervene.

Anyway, please enjoy the idiocy of GOP Nevada candidate Sue Lowden, running in the primary to face Harry Reid. Yes, that's right; she's floating the "keep the government out of Medicare!" line. Pathetic.

To clear your palette, please enjoy this awesomely deranged clock that jwz found. I love it to bits. Back yet?

The Obama administration is interfering with the Justice department, politically, to end more trials of terrorism suspects. It may and may not be a done deal, but it's pretty close. The three-tiered "justice" system designed to ensure targets are held forever no matter what isn't apparently good enough, so they want to reduce it to military tribunals (where they can use torture evidence) and no-trials-at-all. Marc Ambinder outlines the last scenario that leads to actual, Constitutional trials; it doesn't look likely.

Liz Cheney is spearheading the neoconservative push to make defence of terrorism suspects impossible, by destroying the careers of anyone who provides a legal defence for such suspects. National Review is a big player here, as well. The Washington Post is doing their best to support the effort. Here's a look inside how this is all being managed in the political media.

To end on a slightly upbeat note: anybody here remember Warren Throckmorton? He's a social conservative, and used to be a regular on Concerned Women for America, and big into the gaybashing, particularly the "reparative therapy," line but not just that, and all that bullshit. He's stepped back a bit - arguably, a pretty good bit. No, I mean, really. He's still big on the sexual-attraction-is-malleable thing, but he's come a long way back towards something like reality, and normally, people in his camp don't. So, well, good on him.
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