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okay fine some links

I have a bunch of tabs open, let's clear the economics deck:

Consumer sentiment fell unexpectedly in April. That's not awesome. Weekly jobless claims started rising again, which people are hoping is some sort of glitch, but the four-week moving average has started to rise too, and that's scary.

Another huge wave of housing foreclosures is coming. This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, but the timer's about run out. first quarter 2010 already set a new record, so that's fun.

Greece has been sorta-kinda stabilised for the moment; here comes Portugal! Europe is running around like mad trying to contain all these problems; it won't be easy.

If you watch one presentation this week, watch Richard Koo at Nomura Research talk about why this recession is different. (And see previous post.) I have issues with his suggestions moving forward (see also: previous post) but you may not.

Goldman Sachs is finally, finally, finally getting into fraud trouble over its CDO issuances. It's a start. There's also a bit of a stink over the WaMu takeover, which is also overdue.

Eight more banks fell on this week's FDIC Friday.

That's all for now; just a taste, really. Have a good weekend.
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