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I have a second, separate problem

I need some sort of small, reasonably-portable sound solution for vocal amplification for my solo gigs. And maybe a mixer amp would be nice, so I could amp my zouk and mandolin as well. (They’re both much louder than my voice. Also I will need a reasonably rugged vocal mic for outdoor use. SM58, I presume?)

I’ve been poking around at pawn shop listings going, “um… this looks nice?” but honestly I have no idea. I found this Peavey for pretty cheap (assuming it works) but of course there’s no speaker there, and for all I know it could be total overkill or totally inadequate. And I have no idea about what to look for in speakers.

I need some solution I can run myself, and really, I’d prefer an all-in-one amp+speaker+mixer solution, but I have no idea whether that even exists. (And the Peavy amp being separate, I could point it at me and make adjustments on its front panel in ways that seem reasonable.)

So, um, hints, clues, and so on, appreciated. I know what kind of things I’d want for a full-band gig, but this is a totally different animal. What do I actually want?

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