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hiya portland

So spazzkat got a new car last week and wanted a road trip, so we hauled ass down to Portland! I'm not there very often, really - it's pretty far south. Now that I'm earning all these Amtrak points I should make up for that. ^_^

We were calling it a Powell's run, and Paul found the book he was looking for in particular, which was at the Other Powell's over on Hawthorne, which means we actually went to Powell's twice, or wait, no, three times really because the first time we went, Anna got four books, Paul didn't find his book, and I didn't grab anything (because I was waiting to spend my dosh over at Everyday Music) but we did run into a few Surprise People, including Liz, who I haven't seen since she was in Publisher group at Microsoft, interning from Yale! Surprise!, then the second time coming back from Everyday Music (Paul wanted to use the washroom back at Powell's, and I found a book while waiting - John Stackhouse's Timbit Nation: A Hitchhiker's View of Canada, which I chewed mostly through on the way home and finished in the evening, see what I did there ar ar ar), and then the third time at Other Powell's where Paul got his book, yay.

Yes, that's all one sentence. Diagramme that! I dare you.

I enjoyed the ride down; the new car is reasonably quiet - not as quiet as a train, but quiet - and the sound system is pretty good, and the weather was interesting. I forget how pretty it can be down that way; it's really quite lovely this time of year, and with the range between driving rain and unexpected sunny morning the trip kept up my interest.

Once there, we grabbed lunch at Backspace at cow's recommendation. I liked my sandwich but wasn't so fond of the gazpacho soup. Still, I'd go again; it's a neat place, kind of a mix of sandwich bar, computer store, gaming centre, with music sometimes. I talked with the manager and gave him a copy of my demo; they're only a few blocks from the train station, so it'd be easy for me to come down and play, so hopefully I will! And I put up a band sticker in the washroom, along with EVERYONE ELSE IN CASCADIA, as far as I can tell. While walking there, we'd gone past Ground Kontrol Barcade, so we hit it on the way back from lunch; yay retrogaming! And also pinball. They even had Bubble Bobble, which is how I actually met the abovementioned Liz originally. (We both played it. A lot. Which is part of what made Surprise Liz so Surprising! as I had just been talking about her for the first time in forever. I set the daily high Bubble Bobble score while I was at Barcade, just for old times' sake. Also at Tempest. I wish they'd had Battlezone. ^_^ )

Then Powell's, then Everyday Music (where Anna and I spent time in World and then I spent time in Electronica) then Powell's again, then carrrrrrrr and GPS POWER GO to Hawthorne, where I started imitating the GPS ("Walk 1.2 blocks, then turn left at Hawthorn. <pause> Turn left at Hawthorn.") which Paul said was Unnecessary, and we found Other Powell's, and then a coffee shop for tea and chocolate, and headed back north. I mostly read on the way home, but we also put in some of the CDs, which is when I discovered that one of the CDs I bought was misfiled so it's the wrong one, but it is electronica with which I am not familiar so I can deal with that. I dunno whether I like it yet. The others are all good so far.

Today I'm housecleaning and working on musics stuff. Here, have some links:

punk planet (sadly now dead) on emo in punk.

"Next up by Roger Ebert: 'Why my Lawn is Great, and Why Those Kids Should Get the Fuck Off of It'" - in the comments section to a rebuttal of Roger Ebert's commentary stating games cannot be art.

Courtesy gfish, some lovely kinetic sculpture.

Films from the 1940 US census.

Engineered virus splits water using sunlight. This could be super-awesome.
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