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Oh, and on Friday afternoon

On Friday, when administrations want things to be forgotten, Defence Secretary Robert Gates told the House Armed Services Committee not to do anything on Don't Ask/Don't Tell until after the Pentagon study on how to end it is completed. You know, that study that hasn't actually gotten started yet and isn't due until December 1, 2010, which is to say, "not until after midterms," which is to say, even the Human Rights Campaign looks at this and goes, "hey, what happened to 'this year'"?! Yes, this is me quoting HRC chair Joe Solmonese, who may have been slapped around once too often at this point:
It is inconceivable that the Secretary of Defense would so blatantly undermine the Commander-in-Chief’s policy commitment.

“There is no reason that Congress cannot move forward with repeal while the Pentagon’s review of how – not if – to end the ban on open service continues apace. As part of the legislative repeal, Congress can provide additional time to the Pentagon for a careful and thoughtful implementation of this change to the law. Action by Congress this year, in the National Defense Authorization bill, will not, as the Secretary suggests, ‘send a very damaging message to our men and women in uniform that in essence their views, concerns and perspectives do not matter on an issue with such a direct impact on and consequence for them and their families.’ But failure to act this year will, without a doubt, continue to send the message to the thousands of gay and lesbian Americans serving their country in silence that their views and concerns, and the impact on them and their families, do not matter to the military leadership, including their Commander-in-Chief. ”
Nice catch of the subtext, Joe: heterosexual soldiers have Real Families who will be Slapped In The Face By This, whereas fags? Not actually people, don't have actual families, fuck 'em. Maybe Joe's learning!
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