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All these little parts

Well, that was quite the week, wasn't it?

So, the jobs report! I already commented, but I was wondering what Mish Shedlock would have to say, which, it turns out, isn't much different to what I had to say, but here it is nonetheless. He has a bit more on the attempt to audit the Fed, which is being watered down yet further.

Calculated Risk, however, is doing a nice job of digging into some details. Here's their note on temporary workers, which includes an obvious necessary note on how while temporary hiring usually leads (but indicates) full-time hires to come, there is a shift to more temporary labour hiring practices, so that could be in play here. (C.f. IBM and its plans to reduce its permanent workforce by another 25% in favour of on-demand temps.)

CR also thinks the rumoured €600B bailout is worth tracking very closely. (More here.) No word on this so far as far as I know, but there is apparently about €70B in support for the Euro planned on Monday.

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard is following rumours of T-bill saturation closely. Minyanville's Todd Harrison lays out some of the theories behind Thursday's superspike down. Your FDIC Friday winning lotto number was four.

Finally, Mr. Obama has reportedly decided to move the US Supreme Court firmly to the right in matters of executive power, with the reported selection of Solicitor General Elena Kagan to replace Justice John Paul Stevens. It's still unconfirmed. Here's Greenwald on that.
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