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A couple more bits falling out

Strong endorsement from strong-executive, pro-warrantless-wiretapping, pro-indefinite-arbitrary detention supporter and National Journal columnist Stuart Taylor. "Non-liberal, non-conservative, pragmatic," asserts that she really is just fine with her support of Bush-like executive power claims, which Mr. Taylor calls "not controversial" with "the great middle of Americans" and only of concern to "leftists." He lists as reasons to support her a lot of the reasons I'm opposed.

Scott Horton at Harpers Magazine talks about an article Ms. Kagen wrote:
Kagan notes the increase of presidential power as Congress builds the administrative and regulatory state... there is much to suggest her admiration for the evolution of the strong presidency in the period after World War II. Her career choices, often pushing back her academic career to accept appointments in Democratic administrations, reflect an attitude of engagement with it... Elena Kagan will be no enemy to the powers of the executive... She pays lip service to the limitations on executive authority contained in the Constitution, but she’s generally in the thrall of executive power.

On this point the Kagan choice probably reflects the perspective of the man who made it, Barack Obama: not the Obama of the 2008 presidential campaign but rather the Obama who has governed since January 20, 2009—broadly continuing the strong executive posture of the Bush team in national security matters.
The article itself is behind a LEXIS firewall, so I can't read it.
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