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Oh Gods, It's Fanac.

Title: You Want It, Artie? You Got It.
Pairing: Buckaroo Banzai and the Hong Kong Cavaliers/Artie's Artery
Author: Dara Korra'ti/solarbird
Rating: PG, at most.
Word Count: 350
Summary: Remember that first song the Hong Kong Cavaliers start to do at Artie's Artery, the one they don't finish because Buckaroo hears Penny crying? Well, what if Penny hadn't come into the club until the second set? Here, have some lyrics, freshly written by Buckaroo and Perfect Tommy, on the way back from Texas.

You Want It, Artie? You Got It.
Or, The Diesel-Driven Eight Dimensional Jet Car Blues
Buckaroo Banzai and the Hong Kong Cavaliers
(Lyrics 2010 Dara Korra'ti/Crime and the Forces of Evil;
Creative Commons 3.5 share-alike/noncommercial/attribute)

Neighbourhood of Eb, but really, just follow the band. Let them go once through the intro, start on the octave, and follow the piano right before the lead guitar comes in. In the sung verses, you don't get the guitar solo; have that happen in a "bridge" that's basically the same instrumentally as the verse, but has the guitar solo. If you're listening to this in your head, then immediately at the breakdown, there's no breakdown, and these lyrics kick in.

Verse 1:
I got a diesel-driven jet bolted onto my wheels
I got a couple dozen suits don't know what I can feel
I got a mountain full of rock flyin' up in my face and
I got fifteen minutes left to prove my case
If the laws of physics get me I ain't got no appeal
I put the petal to the metal and I'm sined and I'm seeled
Let's go!

Verse 2:
Blowin' through the desert in the sand and the wind
They got a counter workin' backwards down to where I'll come in
I'm burnin' rubber burnin' karma burnin' down this dry road
Been workin' far too long not to get what I'm owed
With my posse standin' by and watchin' out over me
I'm gettin' ready and I'm thinkin' oh just wait'll they see
Let's go!

[Second guitar solo here, a bit less metal but a lot more weird. What sounds and words are there for the 8th Dimension? Only Buckaroo Banzai knows, and he didn't write it down.]

Verse 3:
We're pushin' science to the limit hopin' not to implode
We're spinnin' quarks to antimatter oscillatin' this code
I'm a'flyin' on a thruster into somewhere unseen and
I'm suspended in the middle next t' somethin' unclean
If I make it back to Jersey while I'm still halfway sane
There'll be a lotta freaky shit I'm gonna have to explain
Let's go!

Spoken blowout, over music:
Really, it's not that different than any other good weekend off in Texas.

eta: Yeah, I had to: I recorded it. It's a free download! Click here where I posted about that.
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